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R- pulse harnesses the power of Acai Berry Juice alongside an array of nutritionist-backed fruits packed with antioxidants. It helps in  safeguarding your cells and lowering disease risks. Its natural ingredients promote mental well-being by alleviating stress, offering benefits for anti-aging, skincare, and weight management.  Additionally, R- pulse enhances cardiovascular function, regulates metabolism, and contains Cranberry extract to combat bacteria linked to Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

Elevate your refreshment experience and embrace the power of natural energy with R-Pulse Juice. You must try it today and feel the pulse of life with every sip.

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R-pulse Juice Ingredients Our juice contains the benefits of a number of herbal ingredients such as: Acai Berry, Mulberry, Blackberry, Boysenberry, Red Mulberry, Lingon berry, Elder berry, Strawberry, Garcinia cambogia, Cranberry, Green tea, Brahmi, Amla juice, Noni juice, Goji fruits, Acaiberry, Mangosteen, Blueberry, Ashawagandha, Pomegranate, Sea buckthorn, Aloevera juice, Logan berry, Guava, Apple extract. From kickstarting your mornings to powering through your afternoons, these juices are the perfect match for your dynamic lifestyle!  

8 reviews for R-Pulse Juice

  1. Sandeep

    This juice was superb. It is better to have such products than other cold drinks that are so harmful for the body. Ye sirf juice nai ek medicine bhi hai with a hint of herbal goodness! 100% satisfied with the product. A must try.

  2. Ryka

    What a refreshing taste! I very much enjoyed the R-pulse juice as it has one of my favorite ingredients in it. Men sabko zaroor recommend kruge ki aap bhi esko try kren. It is very good indeed.

  3. Datar Singh

    I love the natural boost it gives me every morning. I am very happy with how healthy i feel. Ye ab routine ka part bann gya hai and it feel amazing. It’s nice to start my day on such a great note!

  4. DeepJai

    You must taste this to know how good it is. Acai Berry has the best taste ever. Very refreshing. Very tasty. You should definitely try this R-pulse juice, seriously! It’s made with all that good stuff, no fake stuff added. Drinking it feels like you’re giving your body a high-five with each sip.

  5. Geet

    Very good in this summer. Ek healthy aur refreshing option hai ye juice. It tastes better than expected. Even after having ayurvedic sources, it tastes like sweet berries. Great way to stay hydrated and healthy.

  6. komal Bhatt

    I liked the taste of the juice so much. It is not very sweet but just right taste. I’m hooked on thisjuice. It has such good natural taste to it. I love knowing I’m drinking something made with real ingredients, not some artificial junk.

  7. Rahul Sharma

    The product is very nice. It makes me fill with energy. My family also drinks it and it is equally good for children as well as elders at home. I will definitely buy this again as my children have specially asked for it!

  8. kamal Kaur

    I am busy in the morning for breakfast. This juice is the perfect solution! Ab mujhe tension nai. Ye meri go-to drink bun chukii hai. Very very happy with this purchase. Actually men sweet taste karta hai jabki esme artificial kuch nai use kiya hua hai. Thumbs up to this!

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R-pulse blends a variety of berries, including the potent Acai Berry Juice, with antioxidant-rich fruits, providing a diverse range of health-boosting advantages.

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